Why Puebla is Mexico's Coolest Under-the-Radar City?

Puebla to Host the Latin America Coffee Summit

Coffee lovers behold! Yet another reason to fall in love with Puebla…click here to find out more!


Women Assembling Electric Cars

Mexico has begun its production of electric cars at a female only manufacturing plant in Puebla. The company making the Zacua car models is 100% Mexican owned and is aiming to use 100% Mexican supplied content in efforts to support the Mexican manufacturing industry. The company is helping to generate jobs for women in Puebla. Click here for the article.

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Why Puebla is so much more than a day trip from Mexico City

Click here to find out about activities and attractions in Puebla. 

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What is Cinco De Mayo?

Did you know Americans buy more beer for Cinco de Mayo than they do for the Super Bowl or St. Patricks Day? Why do we celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Does Mexico celebrate it? What does it have to do with Puebla? Educate yourself with this article published by The New York Times that answers all those questions and many more. 


Savor Puebla

Food, art, history, innovation, and growth. That and more is what can be found in Puebla despite the September earthquake that shook the region in September. Click here to find about how the city has bounced back stronger than ever.


A performer takes the stage during the "Festival Victor Puebla" in Puebla, Mexico. (Wally Skalij/ Los Angeles Times).

Puebla Makes CNN's Best Places to Travel in 2018

Every year CNN releases a list of some of the best travel destinations around the globe. With it's rich culture and history, Puebla, Mexico is number 8 this year. Read more about why here.



La Capilla del Rosario - A World Wonder

La Capilla del Rosario is a chapel housed within the Templo Conventual de Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Puebla. It was constructed in New Spanish Baroque style and was considered an eighth world wonder when it was completed. The chapel drips in gold from the ceiling and walls and the intricacy of its design captivates everyone who visits.