The Heritage Project is an international collaboration of women in the US and various countries around the globe. It encourages women towards personal growth and professional success using ancestral heritage as an asset. Globally, women are purveyors of cultural knowledge from generation to generation. This knowledge is often overlooked in today’s professional landscape yet as the world becomes more globalized and interconnected, cultural knowledge is becoming a powerful tool of understanding and growth. As the need for female leadership grows as does the importance of acknowledging the unique asset.


The inspiration for this project came from women in leadership positions in various fields who saw the importance of (re)connection for success. Heritage uses (re)connection as its launchpad because women often fall into one of two categories: they have strong ties to their countries of heritage but need to connect and explore to a different aspect of the country or they have lost knowledge of their heritage country completely. Thus, they need to connect or reconnect. We know that you can’t spend years theorizing about change – you have to go out, take educated risks and make it happen.


The Vision of Heritage is to guide women through the journey of (re)connection. It will provide resources and global connections that can help in acquiring and administering the tools needed to lead in any profession using ancestral heritage as an asset. 


The Journey of Heritage is a one week experience composed of courses, workshops, and hands-on cultural events that will provide a 360-degree exposure of the host country. 


Participants will focus on addressing identity and it’s complexity while developing new ways to understand its importance in all settings. In addition, participants will also enhance their knowledge of professional protocols across borders, academic and professional language of the host country, the cultural history of the host country dating to its indigenous roots, and share dialogue regarding global challenges with women from the host country. 


The Heritage Journey will target, among others:

  • (Re) Connection to Heritage
  • The Navigation of Space
  • Linguistic barriers 
  • History

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