Revitalizing International Solidarity for Indigenous Nations Growth

RISING is an initiative led by young indigenous leaders in their effort to connect and learn of each others work through an intercultural platform and international delegations. RISING will highlight projects across indigenous communities in effort to protect tangible and intangible cultural heritage and it will consist of using the latest communication tools to establish a intercultural platform to connect young indigenous leaders to each other, to variable mentors and to experts leading strategies of cultural preservation. RISING is soon to be a one-stop shop and link to national and international projects led by organizations in support of the preservation of indigenous cultural heritage; a resource of information listing supporting organizations, sponsors and partners; a platform for highlighting upcoming talent and entrepreneurship; and connection to experienced organizations and/or partnerships leading strategies of cultural preservation.


Indigenous Collective

I. Collective

I. Collective is an organized group of indigenous mentors and leaders dedicated to the growth of young indigenous leaders.  The goal of I. Collective is to provide knowledge of leadership and diplomacy skills to guide young indigenous leaders in the revitalizing of international solidarity between indigenous nations across borders.  I. Collective focuses on the interest of young leaders and their vision of connecting indigenous communities across the Americas to re-discover historical ties and commonalities.  If you wish to be a mentor for I. Collective please contact send a request to RISING at rising@academy4women.org.    


Leaders Assembly

The Leaders Assembly is a weeklong yearly retreat in various parts of the Americas where young leaders who manage programming on the Academy4women platform gather to summarize their successes and their challenges with each other and with their mentors. The intention of the retreat is to share creative ideas and develop strategic planning focused on program enhancement and evaluation. The retreat begins with leader presentations summarizing yearly program accomplishments and challenges and receives feedback from other leaders and mentors. The retreat also includes presentations of leadership strategies focused on the of development of leadership skills provided by program mentors. Leadership building activities complimented by the history of recognized regional community leaders dating as far back as pre-Columbian times within amazing regional spaces such as Chichen Itza are a fundamental part of inspiration.