The Host City - Puebla

The fourth largest city and the capital of the state of Puebla, Puebla City is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It offers an experience of both historic and modern sites that surround its rich historic center, called El Zocalo. Modern sites such as the observatory La Estrella de Puebla, various museums that are dedicated to the sciences and the arts, and over 26 institutions dedicated to higher education are found throughout the city. Puebla is home to an astonishing number of churches, they can be found nearly on every corner. Locals often say there are 365 churches in the area- one for every day of the year. The most famous of these churches is El Templo de Santo Domingo, home to La Capilla del Rosario regarded by many as one of the man made world wonders of the modern world due to its intricate gold décor. La Biblioteca Palafoxiana, the oldest public library in Latin America can also be found in Puebla. 

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